BRI Care ConsultationTM

An evidence-based care coaching program developed by Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, in partnership with the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, provides licensing, training and technical support to select organizations offering BRI Care Consultation that work with adults and their family and friend caregivers dealing with chronic conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and heart disease.

Cost-effective assistance and support to individuals with chronic conditions and their family and friend caregivers by telephone and e-mail.

• Empowers clients to manage care and find simple, practical solutions to caregiving challenges
• Facilitates effective communication among family and health care workers
• Assists clients in locating services

Computerized Service Delivery System features…

• Personalized assessment and reassessment
• Action steps to guide clients with addressing their needs
• Standardized protocols to ensure quality service
• Built-in fidelity monitoring tools and reports

Proven to be effective through 15 years of research!
• Improved care
• Reduced unmet needs
• Less stress
• Fewer ER and hospital visits
• Delayed nursing home placementFor more information or caregiver enrollment, email Elizabeth Blount or call (229) 931-2483.

BRI Care ConsultationTM is a licensed product of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. Select licenses for BRI Care Consultation are established in partnership with the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving.

Here is a MAP of all BRI Care Consultation licensed sites. 

BRI Care Consultation Resources:

  • BRI Care Consultation Information Card for organizations/companies interested in becoming a licensed site.
  • Schedule a Care Consultation Information System (CCIS) Demo and Informational Session.
  • Read the BRI Care Consultation Intervention Summary on the Administration for Community Living (ACL) Aging and Disability Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (ADEPP) website
  • Read Journal Publications about BRI Care Consultation.


“BRI Care Consultation includes a wide variety of topics and resources to engage in discussions with clients. In addition, the computer system is easy to navigate, includes helpful reporting measures and is effective in keeping our staff organized and efficient with larger caseloads.” ~Jennifer M, Alzheimer’s Association

“Following my mother’s stroke and her decision to live with us, the BRI Care Consultation program helped us get through our toughest times. From medication information and finding physicians, to helping to maintain positive family relations and identifying programs to help finance her care, our consultant was an invaluable resource.” ~ Mary B, Family Caregiver