Ron Gregory

“Since 1998, our family has been utilizing the many services of the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving. The staff has always been so supportive of our needs and willing to go above and beyond in being sure we were taken care of. Our abilities to cope with the responsibilities of being good and caring caregivers would not have been possible without the direct support of the staff at RCI. You are needed, loved and appreciated!

Our journey is probably a little different than others who have used the services offered by RCI. My wife was a caregiver for the first 12 years of our time with the RCI. She not only attended many seminars, special events and workshops, but she also completed and benefited from the first RCI REACH program. As she has told many, “The RCI REACH program was the most helpful program I had ever seen or used.” Thank you for offering this great tool! Joyce received West Central Georgia’s 2009 Family Caregiver of the Year Award. She would be the first person to say that without the skills she learned and the loving and encouraging support from the RCI staff, she would not have been able to care properly for her loved one, as well as herself.

Since 2010, Joyce’s role in caregiving has changed. I now am the caregiver for my lovely wife, Joyce. Among her many other health issues, she was officially re-diagnosed by her neurologist in January 2015, as having Lewy Body Disease rather than Parkinson’s. Without RCI’s help and support, I know I would not have stayed as healthy as I needed to. Thank you for helping and caring for caregivers like myself, as well as, those we care for. Knowing how much my wife appreciated RCI and the REACH program, I signed up for the REACH program and completed the 12-week course in early 2016. It is truly an exceptional program! I especially like how it was tailored to my own needs. Thank you for developing and supporting this great program.

I could go on and on just to say how much we love and appreciate all that Rosalynn Carter has given to caregivers. Without Mrs. Carter’s vision and the wonderful staff at RCI, many caregivers would have continued to burn out while trying to help their loved ones. May God continue to bless the RCI and its wonderful and caring staff, volunteers and supporters throughout the world! We love, appreciate and need each of you!”

In His Love, Ron Gregory