Karl Bond, BA

Grants Coordinator

After graduating from Georgia Southwestern State University in 2012 with a degree in English, Karl started his career at a local peer-support facility in 2013.

During his time there, Karl worked his way up from documentation to ultimately receiving his certification in Peer Support. He also became a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, which allowed him to aid in treatment planning, billing documentation, as well as monitoring the process of peers who attend the mental health treatment center.

In 2016, Karl accepted the position of Peer Support Specialist Coordinator, allowing him to take on an administrative role and to ensure proper program development was completed on a regular basis, as well as assisting with appropriate scheduling and billing procedures. During his time as a program coordinator, Karl was able to lead his team through several successful accreditations and program billing audits, leading them to achieve some of the highest scores in the state. Through this process, Karl developed an intimate understanding of records keeping and tracking to ensure both the continuity and effectiveness of care provided.