RCI Training Center for Excellence

As community agencies are seeking proven effective supports for the caregivers they serve, the need for easily accessible and affordable training in evidence-based caregiver interventions is growing. In response to this growing need, the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving has launched the RCI Training Center for Excellence.

The center currently offers two evidence-based programs:

Operation Family Caregiver – a four to six month intervention utilizing problem-solving training to provide education and support to caregivers of service members/veterans with traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress, and/or physical disability. This intervention is delivered by a Bachelor’s or Master’s level care coach, preferably with military background. An in-depth discussion of the protocol and outcomes may be found HERE. RCI REACH – a six month/twelve session intervention delivered to caregivers of people with dementia in their home and by telephone by a Bachelor’s level care coach. Caregivers receive education and information on dementia and training in strategies and techniques for stress management, problem-solving, and self-care. An in-depth discussion of the protocol and outcomes may be found HERE.

In addition to training and certification of service providers, RCI offers intensive technical assistance. There are evidence-based implementation strategies that have been proven to assist community agencies in achieving positive outcomes similar to those of the clinical trials. RCI will assess your agency’s readiness for implementation and work with your staff to develop and embed these strategies within your agency culture.

The RCI Training Center for Excellence offers classroom training either at RCI or on-site at your agency. 
For printable brochures on the evidence based interventions for which we offer training, select the links below: