Holiday Giving 2021

Support your family, friends, and all other caregivers by making a gift to the RCI this holiday season.

$1,000 – Visionary Circle
RCI has experienced an explosive year of growth the past year and there is much more planned in 2022: building a national advocacy network; expanding online support for caregivers; and working with employers to support caregivers in the workplace, just to name a few of our 2022 initiatives.

$500 – Super Supporter
Lead the campaign to support caregivers through a gift of $500. Your super support fuels RCI’s programs and advocacy efforts for caregivers and encourages others to give, too.

$53 – Family Ties
There are 53 million (and counting) caregivers in the United States. They assist with everything from doing household chores, to bill paying, managing medications, and shuttling family members to doctors appointments. Caring for someone we love is so much a part of who we are that most don’t think of our caregiver role as separate from simply being part of a family. Support the family caregiver with a gift of $53 in honor of a caregiver in your family

$34 – Faithful Friends
Mrs. Carter founded RCI 34 years ago, to provide coaching and support to caregivers – faithful caregivers like Lynn Platt, Georgia’s Family Caregiver of the Year who balances her fulltime job with providing support for her disabled uncle.  Support these faithful friends with a gift of $34 in recognition of the 34-year anniversary of the founding of the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers.

$12 – Front Line
Mrs. Carter was just 12 years old when her father became terminally ill with leukemia. It was her first experience in what has become a lifelong caregiving journey. RCI recognizes and supports people of all ages as the front line of care for their loved ones, and every donation helps advance our critical work and advocacy. Support the success of a frontline caregiver with a gift of $12. Make it a recurring monthly gift to support these caregivers throughout the year.

Giving Tuesday 2021 Donors


Cynthia Beauford

Karl Bond

Kathryn Cade

Andrea Cangiano

COL George Fredrick

Gregory Fricchione

Meg Geoghegan

Sarah Gleicher

Doug Green

Roy Green

Karen Kavanaugh

Kathleen Kavanaugh

Therese Kavanaugh

Felisha Norrington

Joan O’Halloran

Jennifer Olsen 

Kerri Post (in honor of Betty Pope)

Alice Ramseur

Michael Schmotzer (in honor of H. James Meyers)

Conwell Smith

Vivian Smith

Ke Wang (in honor of Lisheng Wang)

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