Evidence to Programs

Toolkit on Evidence-Based Programming for Seniors

The Community Research Center for Senior Health (CRC-SH) has launched a new resource in the arena of evidence-based programs, EvidenceToPrograms.com

The CRC-SH partners with community based organizations (CBOs) that are interested in promoting the health and well-being of seniors by implementing evidence-based programs (EBPs). Their experience suggests that while CBOs are motivated to provide EBPs, there is a gap between the skills and experience level of the typical CBO and it is often challenging for them to access and implement programs that match their clients’ needs. In response to these challenges, they developed a web-based toolkit to guide organizations through the selection, implementation, and evaluation of EBPs. 


Evidence-based programs (EBPs) are programs that have been:

  1. implemented previously,
  2. evaluated by researchers, and
  3. found to make positive differences in the lives of participants. 

Organizations utilize proven strategies when they implement EBPs. 


The Toolkit contains materials that build the capacity of community organizations to promote senior health and well-being through evidence-based programming. The materials were shaped by their experiences working with community organizations that serve seniors with EBPs across the state of Texas. The materials, however, are relevant to organizations that implement EBPs for audiences of any age.