Honoring Rosalynn Carter’s Legacy by Prioritizing Caregivers

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s caregiving journey began early in life, when she helped care for her father when he was diagnosed with cancer. Following his passing when she was 13, and the passing of her grandmother soon after, Mrs. Carter’s grandfather moved into the family home to receive care from her mother.

These formative experiences would shape her future policy and advocacy work as a trailblazer for caregivers everywhere.

Many Americans can see their own caregiving journeys reflected in the life of the late Mrs. Carter. Currently, 53 million Americans serve as caregivers to someone who is aging, ill, or living with a disability. Providing care can lead to stress on a person’s physical, mental, and financial well-being — often causing major life disruptions, with a third of working caregivers reporting having to leave a job because of their care responsibilities.

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